Pre-conference cruise: Innopeda workshop

Price for the pre-conference tour is 150 €. The price includes a superb meal in the cruise ship restaurant and refreshment during the seminar.

The cruise ship in one of the big passenger vessels cruising between Finland and Sweden. The passengers will be taken through the beautiful archipelago to Åland island and from there back to Turku.  Departure for the cruise is from Turku harbor at 8:45 and the ship will be back at Turku the same day at 19:50.

The main aim of the Intensive Innopeda  workshop is to supply participants with understanding of the learning approach called Innovation Pedagogy developed at Turku Amk. the concept of Innopeda® (innovation pedagogy) contributes to the development of new generations of professionals, whose ways of producing, adopting and utilizing knowledge make innovative thinking and creating added value possible The Innopeda workshop focuses on discussing how to make the change needed to meet the challenges of Education 4.0

1 – We start the workshop by presenting the cornerstones of Innovation pedagogy and sharing some examples of how to make the change. After that, the theme will be discussed together with the participants by aiming at co-creating ways of implementing the change.

2 – The afternoon session will focus on sharing understanding about different methods of Innopeda  and giving examples about how to put it into practice. Student assessment is extremely important when considering how the students direct their learning behavior. We will present an assessment tool developed for assessing students’ innovation competences.

The whole workshop will be carried out in an interactive way using activating methods and inviting the participants to actively share their ideas and experiences in the discussions during the workshop.

Education 4.0

Since the times when the first universities were founded in the Middle Ages the world has changed dramatically. We have experienced several industrial revolutions, which have profoundly changed the way  of working. Due to digitalization, even factories can be built by connecting different machines to digital networks. This revolution in industry is called Industry 4.0 and it challenges the ways how we educate future professionals and provide them with skills to survive in the new circumstances and the sustainability crisis. Creating a sustainable world for the future generations is one of the big challenges of today.

The change required in education can be called Education 4.0. The change in the environment of any educational institution is enormous. Especially when thinking about the problems we are facing today or considering all the equipment available to help in the process of learning and teaching. Information is freely and easily accessible to everyone and the teacher is no longer the only source of information for the students.

In this new situation innovation has become a major topic in the world. We know that we need innovations to tackle the problems of environment and climate change. We need innovations to maintain the economic growth in a sustainable way. The population in the industrialized world is aging and the possibilities of robots and virtual networks should be utilized. Innovations are born as the result of human activity on the interface of different knowledge domains and we need innovative individuals for that. It is essential, but not any more enough, to teach and learn deep knowledge in a specific subject field. In addition to that, our students should develop as innovative individuals during their educational path.

More information on Innopeda on Innopeda-website.